5 Everyday Items With Unknown Functions

5 Everyday Items With Unknown Functions

The  hole in a padlock


The little hole at the bottom of a padlock serves two important purposes. Firstly, it allows water that may enter the lock to drain easily, preventing any potential damage or rusting. Additionally, the hole is used for oiling the lock, ensuring that it doesn’t become jammed up and that it operates smoothly. Overall, the hole plays a crucial role in the proper functioning and maintenance of a padlock.
The two different colors on the eraser
Many people have wondered about the purpose of the blue part on an eraser, with some mistakenly believing it is used to erase ink. However, this is not true. The actual reason for the blue part is that it is made of a different material than the white part, providing a softer and more sensitive friction when erasing. This is particularly useful for paper artists who use thicker paper and need an eraser that can delicately remove mistakes without damaging the paper. So, while the blue part may not be for erasing ink, it still serves an important purpose for those who require a more precise and gentle eraser. But unfortunately this eraser has stopped production.
The Purpose of Bumps On Keyboard

Have you ever noticed the two little bumps on the F and J keys of your keyboard or laptop? These bumps serve a significant purpose for users, as they allow for easier typing without the need to constantly look down at the keyboard. By providing a tactile reference point for your index fingers, you can quickly and accurately position your hands on the keyboard, improving typing speed and reducing errors. While it may take some time to get used to typing with these reference points, once you do, you’ll likely find it much easier to use your keyboard without any visual guidance.

The Story Behind Margins On Lined Paper

Many people are unaware of the interesting history behind the margins on lined paper. Back in the day, rats were a significant problem, and they would often invade homes and chew on paper. However, with the introduction of margins on paper, the rats would only eat the edges of the paper, sparing the main body of the writing. Although this is no longer a problem, the margins on paper continue to serve a useful purpose in protecting the written content from general wear and tear. Overall, the margin is a practical feature that has a fascinating history.

Hole in A Cap of Ballpoint Pen

At first glance, a ballpoint pen may seem like a simple and unremarkable object. However, upon closer inspection, you may notice a small hole in the cap. While one might assume that this hole would defeat the purpose of the cap, as it could allow the pen to dry out, its true purpose is actually much more significant. The hole in the cap is designed to prevent suffocation in the event that someone accidentally swallows the cap. This is particularly important for children and adults who have a habit of putting pen caps in their mouths. The hole allows air to flow through the cap, reducing the risk of complications and potentially saving someone’s life. So, while the hole may seem like an insignificant feature, it serves an important safety function.

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