Evolution of office stationery and its impact on the way we work today

Evolution of office stationery and its impact on the way we work today

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Office stationery may seem like a mundane aspect of our work lives, but it has actually gone through significant changes over the course of history, shaping the way we work today. From the quill pen to the modern-day computer, office stationery has come a long way.

Quill Pens and Ink Wells

The earliest office stationery was likely the quill pen, which was used to write on parchment or paper. These pens were made from the feathers of large birds such as geese, and they were sharpened at one end to create a fine point for writing. Ink was stored in inkwells, which were usually made of ceramic or glass.

The quill pen and ink well were the primary writing instruments for centuries, and they had a significant impact on the way people worked. They were time-consuming to use, and the ink had to be constantly replenished. As a result, writing was often reserved for the educated elite who had the time and resources to write at length.


The invention of the typewriter in the 19th century revolutionized the way people worked. It allowed for faster and more efficient writing, and it was also easier to read than handwriting. The typewriter had a significant impact on business and administrative work, as it enabled people to create multiple copies of documents and forms quickly and easily.

The typewriter was used extensively in offices until the advent of the personal computer in the 1980s, which made it obsolete. However, its impact on office work cannot be overstated.

Computers and Printers

The personal computer and printer have completely transformed the way we work today. They have made it possible to create and edit documents quickly and easily, and to produce professional-quality printed materials.

The internet and email have further changed the way we work, allowing us to communicate and collaborate with others around the world in real-time. We no longer need to be in the same physical space to work together, which has led to more flexible work arrangements and the rise of remote work.

The evolution of office stationery has had a significant impact on the way we work today. From the quill pen to the computer, each new technology has made it easier and faster to produce and distribute information. These changes have not only affected the tools we use, but also the way we work and the opportunities that are available to us. As technology continues to advance, we can expect to see further changes in the way we work and the tools we use to get the job done. If you guys have tried any of our products don’t forget to post and ag us on our Facebook @Fauzul Enterprise Or on our Instagram @fauzul_enterprise or on our Youtube Fauzul Enterprise.