Must need Stationery for Teachers

Must need Stationery for Teachers

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  1. Highlighters

How to choose the best ones for your classroom. Highlighters are an important tool for teachers, as they allow them to emphasize important points in textbooks or handouts. 

  1. Sticky note

Creative ways to use sticky notes in your teaching practice. Sticky notes are a versatile tool for teachers, as they can be used for leaving reminders, marking pages in books, or creating interactive activities. 

  1. Teacher Stamp

Teacher stamps are a useful tool for educators to provide feedback on their students’ work. They are commonly used in classrooms to give students recognition and encouragement for their efforts and achievements. These stamps come in a variety of designs and messages, ranging from praise for good work to constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement.

  1. Box of color pencils

Color pencils are a popular tool for children to use in school, especially in art classes or when completing assignments that require coloring or drawing. However, not all children may remember to bring their own set of color pencils to school every day, and some may not have access to them at home. In these cases, having color pencils available in the classroom can be incredibly helpful.

  1. A4 paper

A4 paper can be a useful tool for students who may not have their own textbooks or workbooks. With a piece of A4 paper, students can complete their work and then paste it into their notebook or binder, eliminating the need to copy the work over again. This can help to save time and reduce the risk of errors or mistakes.

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