Needful Stationery for Architects

Needful Stationery for Architects

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  1. The best graph paper notebooks for architects 

Graph paper notebooks are an essential tool for architects, used for sketching out designs and creating to-scale drawings. 

  1.  Architectural ruler or triangular ruler

One of the most essential tools set for architects to produce accurate drawings at a preliminary stage for analyzing work.

  1. Drawing Tube

The best part of adding this storage is that it helps to organize all the drawings well. It comes with extendable and adjustable length to cater to all sizes of sheets and papers. Portable, systematized and durable. Keeps all the sheets, blueprints, documents safe as it is water-resistant. 

  1. Tracing Paper

Tracing paper is a versatile and essential tool used by architects and designers alike in their daily work. It is a thin, transparent paper that allows for easy tracing of drawings, sketches, and blueprints. The paper is often used as a medium for creating preliminary design sketches and rough drafts, as it allows architects to make changes and adjustments to their work without having to start over from scratch.

  1. Scientific Calculator 

It helps in costing and estimating quickly without scratching the mind uselessly. Even fraction calculations are possible with this time savior calculator. Sleek and stylish design with a color-coded keypad. Lightweight, durable and water-resistant with a super clear display. 

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